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About Us

We are always on the quest to bring on new surprises to captivate more of your smiles! And that will be our best way to say thank you for your continuous support us!!!

Our Story

Wish Flowers were established since 2012. This florist is being built up by a lady who has all the passions towards every single bloom. To fulfil her own wish, she puts all her effort to build Wish Flowers. All she wanted to do is to plant a smile on people who receive any items from her flower boutique. Spraying love buds in the air to gather all the un’met’ love.

One of her aim to ease those lover out there from scratching their head of wad shall be deliver as the perfect gift to their soul mate. Wish Flowers provides gift from every single expect. You name it, We made it. She always carry this quote by her. This is what makes her a lady who always go extra mile when it comes to gift idea. 

She travelled places to places to seek for some idea of how flowers shall be arrange in the other way where the ecstatic blooms right away. Not just this, customer services will meet at the point of perfection. Want to experience this, step your foot into our doorstep, we guarantee a smile on you when you walk out. 

Wish Flowers also carry in fresh cut flowers from local and overseas. Seasonal flowers which air flown in from various countries are available from time to time. This is also a spot where you may get the chance to experience some special floral design which she brought those idea back from countries that she ever step her own foot at.